Central or portable vacuum cleaner?

As a homeowner, you no doubt have a need at some point to purchase a vacuum cleaner.  There are a variety of choices on the market today and all of them may suit your needs.  The question that we want to consider today is whether or not it makes sense to have a central vacuum cleaner or a portable vacuum cleaner for your home?    Is either one better than the other?  Lets find out more.

A central vacuum cleaner system was once only found in super expensive homes.  Today, more and more people are finding an advantage in installing a central vac system.  Essentially this involves installing a outlets in your walls that connect with the vacuum brush or suction unit.  The vacuum brush is easily transportable from room to room or even from level to level in your home.  For example, one home I visited had an upstairs vacuum outlet that they could reach all the bedrooms with  when plugging in the vacuum brush unit.  All the debris and dirt was suctioned up through the brush and tubing that connected into the wall.  Behind the wall, vented tubing or ductwork was installed that carried all the dirt back to a central canister which was located in the garage.  There, when the canister got full, the homeowner could empty it and put it back together in a snap. All in all, this was a convenient solution for this home and kept the home looking neat and tidy.

What about a portable vacuum cleaner?  Well in this case, a portable unit can be in the form of a handheld cordelss vacuum, a back pack vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum cleaner or even a canister vacuum.  All of these are self contained units that are carried and used from room to room.  An advantage of these types of vacuums, is that they can even be used outsidein cars, or boats, or campers.  They are usually fairly lightweight and transportable.  Of course, some models arent very powerful and lugging these vacuum cleaners up and down stairs all the time can be hard on for a homeowner to do forever especially as they get older and limited in mobility.
Which is the best vacuum cleaner?  It really depends on your unique situation.  I can vouch for the fact that the initial price of a central vacuum cleaner system will be higher than just purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner.   However over the lifetime of a home, it is possible that you could actually buy more portable units and replace flooring more often because they are incapable of doing as good a job in cleaning as a very well constructed central vaccum.  Of course every home is different and I suggest visiting your local retail store as well as a vacuum system installer to investigate what makes more sense for your unique situation.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow Reviews

PharMeDoc is a reputed brand for health and baby care products, including body pillows. It’s no wonder their PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow is so popular with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers for the comfort it provides during this beautiful phase in a woman’s life.

The pillow has a firm but tender padding which provides just the right resistance and relief to help you get a good night’s sleep. It’s manufactured following the best standards and is crafted in an inventive design so that you can easily sleep in various positions and get the best rest while sleeping and get up feeling refreshed, without any aches and pains.

Shape and size

This is a J-shaped body pillow which can be used in various ways to keep you comfortable while sleeping by following your body shape and provide your neck, back, shoulders and knees with much needed support. While the head and shoulders relax on its top section, the spine and hips are free from pressure while the legs, knees and thighs get tucked in between the pillow’s bottom part.

PharMeDoc knows that pregnant women gain weight in pregnancy, and regular pillows may not provide them with complete support. This is why their body pillow is large enough to support this extra weight even to tall and plus-sized people instead of using multiple pillows for support.

Safe to use

As lead, latex, BPA and phthalate are dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies; the PharMeDoc body pillow is free from them and contains soft polyester. The pillow creates a breathable environment by avoiding dust and fungus and has 100% cotton zipped cover that is easily removed for cleaning purposes. Its seam is also made to perfection so there’s no worry of it poking into your shoulders while asleep.

Multiple uses

The pillow is not only a pregnancy pillow, but also functions as a maternity pillow while nursing. It also provides relief from back and neck pain, and can be used to alleviate discomfort and help in the healing of the body while recovering from surgery or any injury.

As the PharMeDoc body pillow gives you extra comfort while sleeping, it ensures you get a good night’s sleep to help eliminate all sleeping disorders including body aches and headaches. It also supports your head to reduce chances of nasal congestion, acid reflux and heartburn when asleep.

To top it all, the PharMeDoc total body pillow is affordably priced so that anyone can invest in it and relish the joys and happiness associated with a good night’s sleep!

Best Shark Carpet Cleaner Reviews

To maintain cleanliness in the house, carry out dry and wet cleaning of floor coverings with long nap, you need a carpet cleaner for carpets. Such a device effectively removes dust, rubbish, pet hair. Cleaning models remove even ingrained stains and dirt. Manufacturer Shark produces devices with different power, the power of the suction, the level of noise, the number of nozzles, the cord length. Price of model depends on these characteristics.

Dry cleaning

When choosing a carpet cleaner for carpets with long pile, pay attention to the type of dust collector. The device can be equipped with garbage bag, containers or water filter. The bags are disposable and reusable. As for user’s feedback, the first ones are most easy to use: you do not need to shake out them. It is enough to throw the filled bag. Please note: if you do not replace a bag in time, it may cracked. Reusable bags – the optimal choice for those who want to save on supplies. Containers are convenient because they are easy to clean: you just have to shake out the garbage and wash the dust collector with running water. Carpet cleaners equipped with aqua filter provide not only cleaning the floor but also additional air cleaning.
Also consider the type of brush. As a rule, the standard brush “floor / carpet” is used to clean the carpeting. The shorter bristles on the nozzle are, the more effectively it cleans. You will need turbo brush to remove a wool and hair. It is equipped with a special roller, which rotates and removes rubbish. Note that this nozzle should be cleaned regularly because the roller can be clogged with hair and threads.

Wet cleaning

To remove grease stains and other dirt, you should buy a carpet cleaner for carpets. It is equipped with two tanks. Water with the detergent is added to the first one. During the cleaning fluid from this tank is sprayed onto the surface. The second reservoir is used as a dust collector. Manufacturers do not recommend using mixtures for bright coating which have chlorine: paints can lose intensity. It is useful to use ordinary soap.
Light universal carpet cleaners from Shark Company with a modern design will clean your floor and air from dust and dirt. Carpet cleaners suck dust very well, removing allergens, purifying and refreshing air in the room. Carpet is so sealed that allergens entering the removable container do not fly back and remain inside carpet cleaner.
With Shark carpet cleaners and nozzles equipped with pads of microfiber you can carpet the bare floor without scratching or damaging the surface. Thanks to smooth wheels and “turning” wheel, carpet cleaners Shark are maneuver and easily go through obstacles.

Power of carpet cleaner is not lost, and remains the same even with the use of technology for years.
Shark manufactures versatile, portable, powerful and affordable vertical carpet cleaners you’ve ever seen. Perfect results, even at low power! Remove much faster and better, thanks to technology that prevents loss of suction power.


HEPA filter – is filter of fine purification, which reliably keeps dust and allergens inside, not allowing them to return to the air;

The vertical structure is designed to enhance the convenience and ease of control;

It has a movable nozzle that easily maneuvers between furniture and penetrates in all corners;

Tube of cord has a special ergonomic handle.

Review of Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Space and time are both a restriction in today’s modern world. People don’t have the time to go to the gyms nor have the space to buy a home-gym to exercise. This is why and where the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical trainer comes in handy; helping you exercise and increase your cardio fitness anytime you want with minimal space requirements.

This is a compact, portable foot pedal elliptical machine which conveniently fits under your desk or closet. It can be used when on the go or for a quick workout in the office or dorm. It’s also safe for people with sore joints with its low impact, where there’s not much stress on the hips, ankles or knees.


The unit is meant for basic exercise purposes, and does not have any pre-defined workout programs to choose from. It does have an electronic monitor which tracks your strides, calories and exercise time.


The stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer offers quite a few features for its low price. It is lightweight and compact to use anywhere you want. The Stamina InMotion Elliptical trainer has a very strong and durable steel frame which ensures it doesn’t bend under pressure.

Its pedals are strong and non-slip to provide for extra stability while exercising. As the foot pedals can be used in both forward and reverse directions, you can target different lower body parts without the need of any additional exercise equipment.

Its stride length is short, and its structure is rather shaky which can be inconvenient to tall and slightly overweight people. If you not expecting an actual elliptical machine, this should do the job till you upgrade to something more efficient.

Resistance levels

The Stamina Elliptical trainer has adjustable resistance levels so that people with different fitness abilities can use the machine. Its adjustable tension controls let you increase the workout intensity if you get used to a certain tension level for a more challenging workout.


The Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer comes with a large LCD display which shows the number of strides you take per minute, the total number of strides you make, the number of calories burnt and also how long you have exercised. The LCD display is run on a battery.

 Heart rate

The trainer does not have a heart rate monitor to keep a tab on your heart rate while working out. This is mainly because there are no handles or place to monitor your heart rate.


The Stamina In-Motion E1000 comes with a limited but undisclosed warranty.


  • Gives a full cardio workout at home
  • Compact and portable without arms or a front console
  • Low impact peddling movement, safe for even those with joint pain
  • Simple to assemble
  • Does not produce any noise to disturb others when in use
  • Affordably priced at less than $100


  • Too short a stride of only 10-15 inches
  • Uncomfortable and inconvenient for tall people
  • Some feel the pedals wobble when in use
  • Not meant for the obese
  • Does not give an upper body workout
  • Does not have pre-programmed programs
  • No heart monitor or electronic features